Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sex and the solo cyclist

I doubt I am the first to consider the connection between sex and cycling……no doubt many have been brought to a state of high arousal by cycling associations….but I thought it might be interesting to muse upon the issue of the erotic appeal of the biciclette.

Victorian cycling advertisements often give the nod to an undercurrent of sexual innuendo. Flying skirts, exposed bloomers, strutting males and female legs akimbo on speeding bicycles all speak of a certain sexual vitality and engagement with physical pleasure that cannot be gainsayed.

Or perhaps I am mistaken? Perhaps I am one of a small number of cycling fetishists with a perverse and perverted attraction to …. "Ladies who cycle”…..A veritable, disgraceful, and incorrigible participant in “velophilia”.

For I cannot deny that I am oddly sexually attracted to women on bicycles. Why should this be?

Aside from the somewhat crude and obvious references to sitting astride a powerful means of propulsion (My other passion is horses, and while I feel similarly attracted to “Ladies who hack”, it is by no means anything like to the same extent as it is with "Ladies who cycle”), I wonder what is it about women on bikes that arouses me so?

I have always been a leg man, and it cannot be a coincidence that the leg is the most prominent appendage in cycling. The action of regular cycling sculpts and refines the lower extremities of the female form to the proportions of an alabaster goddess. Then there is the issue of a promise of forbidden fruit…..a glimpse beneath the skirt of inner thigh,…… that soft, cool, deliciously sweet tasting, firm and yet yielding holy grail of the leg connoisseur.

Strangely, the more unexpected the glimpse…… the more alluring, and arousing the result. In this regard skirts are preferable to shorts….with a well nigh unendurable frisson being created if the object of desire should be wearing stockings.

But there is something more to this obsession than just unadulterated lust involved here…..something about the sort of woman who cycles. Such a woman must at the very least have a high degree of self possession to adopt such a liberating and physically demanding form of transportation. The real attraction for me lies somewhere in the allure of a female who understands the joy and fulfilment that physical engagement in the moment can bring to human beings.

In short Ladies who cycle are Ladies who live. Ladies who cycle offer the promise of vibrant and carefree physical engagement with the here and now. They demonstrate a willingness to enjoy their bodies, to explore and take risk, and this is perhaps their most alluring trait of all………………………………and the secret of my shame.

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